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Replay the Impact24 sessions!

Following the announcement of our new strategy, different Impact24 sessions were planned for our employees. These sessions zoom in on specific areas of focus within Impact24 such 

as ‘Financial targets’, ‘People, performance & organisation’, ‘Sustainability’ & ‘Reinsurance’.

We are happy to share these sessions with you as well.

Replay the Impact24 sessions!


Christophe Boizard, CFO Ageas, and Ajay Garg, Group Director Capital Management, Treasury and FCG, tell you all you need to know about the new financial targets.

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    Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas, and Eddy Debrulle, Group HR Director, in conversation about the new Way of Working and ensuring Ageas is a Great place to Grow.

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      Bart De Smet, Chairman Ageas, Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas, and Frank Vandenborre, Group Sustainability Director, explain how we will put Sustainability at the heart of our business.

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        Antonio Cano, MD Europe, and our Reinsurance Team Jan Van Rethy, Joachim Racz and Petra Vynckier and Jan Van Rethy, Group Reinsurance Director, shed light on how Reinsurance will contribute to the overall Impact24 plan

        Liability Management

        With Julie Noel, Nelson Machado and Emmanuel Van Grimbergen.

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          Solvency II

          With Frederik Allossery and Emmanuel Van Grimbergen

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            With Inês Simões, André Rufino, Eduardo Consiglieri Pedroso, Katrien Buys and Steven Braekeveldt, live from Portugal.

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              With Filip Coremans, Benny De Wyngaert and John Thompson.

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                Data & Analytics

                With Timothy Vandewattijne and Filip Coremans.

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                  With Raphaël Copis, Antonio Cano, Bénédicte Benoit and Frédéric Crecco.

                  AI & Machine Learning

                  With Thomas Caris and Ant Middle.


                  With Gary Crist, Glenn Williams, John Thompson and Sean Ang

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