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Sustainability and long-term thinking at the heart of everything

As we look at what makes Ageas the Group it is, it is impossible to ignore the growing importance of sustainability which we place at the heart of our business. The choices and investments we make are not only for the next three years but also for the years that follow – to 2030 and beyond.

Sustainability and long-term thinking at the heart of everything

Impact24 puts sustainability considerations at the heart of our decision-making. It acts as a catalyst helping us in choosing what we do and do not do. But also, how we do it. It will drive innovation, improve understanding of long-term risk, drive growth, and ultimately build a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

Sustainability impact areas

We will focus on those areas where we believe we can make most impact.  

  • We will offer transparent products and services that create economic and societal value, stimulating our customers in the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive world. 
  • We will strengthen the long-term, responsible approach to how we invest, contributing to solutions around sustainable cities, local economies, and climate change. 
  • Across the Group, we will reduce our environmental impact, aiming to be ‘GHG-neutral’ in our own operations.  
  • And finally, we will work towards a diverse workforce, ensuring fair and equal treatment of our employees, while fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Find out more about sustainability at Ageas.

Impact on the future

Ageas is all about creating value long-term. We build to last! In fact, we will celebrate our 200th anniversary at the end of Impact24. 

When considering the plan, we were directly influenced by what we already know about the future. Our choices reflect the trends we have been monitoring for some time through our Group-wide 2030 Think Tank. 

Importing those trends and embedding these within our priorities shows how serious we are about enabling our future and being ready for all evolving scenarios whether this be the low interest rate impact, the growing importance of Asia, the emergence of new distributions channels, working in partnership models, the growing demand for health and protection, changing consumer behaviours, the increasing significance of sustainability, the demand for new types of products and more affordable protection covers and more.

Ignoring the trends was never an option. We took the time to understand the certainties and to embrace the uncertainties and identified new opportunities for growth where Ageas has the capability to participate and create impact.

Through this new strategic plan, we are connecting our future ambition to our vision of the world in 2030 and beyond, in areas where we believe we can make the greatest IMPACT by 2024, the year we turn 200, and beyond!

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