Un plan cohérent pleinement intégré

Le plan Impact24 a pris son premier souffle en commençant par notre ADN et ce que nous faisons déjà magnifiquement bien, et il y associe des options qui nous donnent la flexibilité nécessaire pour investir dans les tendances futures. Dans l’élaboration d’Impact24, nous restons convaincus de l’avantage d’un portefeuille bien diversifié et équilibré, et nous avons conscience de la résilience qu’il assure au groupe. Il n’y a donc rien d’étonnant à ce que ce principe ait guidé nos réflexions pour l’élaboration du plan.

Un plan cohérent pleinement intégré

À un niveau plus détaillé, le plan Impact24 se subdivise en éléments différents mais liés qui nous donnent une direction claire tout en offrant une flexibilité sur une série d’opportunités disponibles au niveau mondial, de l’évolution de la dynamique des marchés et de l’environnement et de l’évolution de différents scénarios. Ce plan est source de continuité et de flexibilité tout en laissant de la place à l’ajustement en fonction des risques. Ces différents éléments ne doivent pas être envisagés séparément, mais plutôt comme un scénario de croissance cohérent dans lequel chacun des 8 choix stratégiques a un impact favorable sur la suite. Un plan pleinement intégré.  

Au final, ce plan devrait assurer une performance au top pour TOUTES les parties prenantes, avec une focalisation accrue sur notre engagement sociétal. Mais il ne s’arrête pas là. Nous avons développé, vis-à-vis de chacune de nos parties prenantes, des KPI essentiels qui rendent compte des promesses que nous faisons. 

Impact24 en un clin d'oeil

Impact” for us is about making a meaningful contribution and the right impression in our chosen areas of activity. To be a supporter of the lives of our stakeholders. It is about having a positive impact on the lives of the people we work with - our employees and partners - and the people we work for - our customers, investors, and society at large. Making an impact is also about doing things in the right way and it is why sustainability sits at the heart of everything we do. We have a duty of care and responsibility to future generations.

We believe that Insurance is a people business and that applies to our customers, employees, partners and everyone we interact and work with. We want to provide best-in-class customer experience where it matters most to our customers. And customer and employee satisfaction go hand in hand to drive results.

We consider our people our greatest asset. They are supported by an action-oriented culture and strong values that allow them to make things happen. We want to be considered a great place to grow for our employees, and an inspiring employer in every market in which we operate across all sectors and all demographics.

We aim through Impact24 to unlock the full potential that we know exists within our current business and to broaden our scope andscalein the right way.

As we look at our insurance business today, we believe that our Core remains highly attractive to deliver a substantial part of our financial ambition by 2024.

We took time to understand the certainties and to embrace the uncertainties around future trends, identifying new opportunities where Ageas has the capability to participate and create impact.

This translated into selected long-term opportunities and investment in new growth enginess, adding new capabilities that complement our strengths, to keep Ageas future-proof.

To fuel further growth, we are focusing on opportunities in adjacent business in Health, Protection, Digital platforms & Reinsurance at Group level, with Home, Mobility and Life & Savings being our Local priorities.

For Ageas, working alongside strong partners is part of our DNAand this puts us in a strong position to engage with the current and future winners including the next-gen players who provide access to new pools of customers and growth.

Within our healthy Core we have continuing confidence going forward in banca, brokers and agents, and we will look to foster new alliances in partnerships that allow us to leverage the strengths of Digital platforms and Ecosystems.

To help turbo-charge our progress we will further deploy technology & data and enhance our customer experience by redesigning the end-to-end customer journey.

We will consider a range of different initiatives to improve our distribution and commercial excellence for our customers, while improving the work experience for our employees.

To achieve Impact24, we will tap into the current footprint of the Group while continuing to apply our success formula of local empowerment.

Local is an important part of the way we stay close to our customers, and it provides competitive advantage.

Ageas as a Group brings deep insurance expertise, strong capital management and discipline, extensive distribution knowledge, a culture of partnerships, human capital and importantly a long-term perspective to the local market leading companies.

Our profile as a Group with a mix between mature markets and high growth markets is unique and allows us to go further, set our sights higher, and to invest and achieve our next level of ambition taking a growing share of the market evolution within each country.

We continue to recognise the benefit of a well-diversified and well-balanced portfolio, and the resilience this brings to the Group.

Impact24 is a long-term sustainable growth strategy. The choices and investments we make are not just for the next three years but for the years that follow on through 2030 and beyond.

We will put sustainability considerations at the heart of our decision-making to innovate, understand risk, drive growth, and build a more inclusive and sustainable future.

We have a duty of care and responsibility to future generations, as we had for the past 200 years.

Solvency II ratio
Holding Free Cash Flow, cumulative amount
EUR 1.7 to 2.1 billion
Progressive dividend per share, cumulative amount
EUR 1.5 to 1.8 billion
Average EPS growth
Non-Life combined ratio
Life guaranteed margin
85-95 bps
Life unit-linked margin
30-40 bps
Customers NPS
Top quartile
Employee NPS
Top quartile
Impact24 skills plan
100% achieved
Percentage of GWP from products that stimulate the transition to a more sustainable world
Percentage of products that have been reviewed for transparency
Investments making a positive contribution to transition towards a more sustainable world
EUR 10 billion
Level of ESG-integration of our investment decisions
Carbon emissions of our investment portfolio
Net zero by 2050 at the latest
Carbon emissions of our operations (scope 1 & 2)
GLASS CEILING INDEX (via Women in Finance):
Ratio % Women in senior management/ total % women in company
70% ratio
Balanced (M/F) Succession pipeline Top 800
GENDER DIVERSITY INDEX (via Women on Board):
Equal participation of women at decision-making level
Top quartile

We CARE by respecting and helping those around us, whilst staying true to who we are. That means listening and embracing different opinions, putting ourselves in other’s shoes, and building trust by doing the right things every time for our stakeholders.

We SHARE by learning, inspiring and sharing what we know and experience, in a culture that thrives on the concept of continuous learning. We believe in the importance of setting an example through our actions, but also on the benefit of working as a team.

We DELIVER on our promises and we make things happen by staying focused on our priorities and keeping things simple. In everything we do we strive for excellence, aiming to be the best at what matters most to our stakeholders, and holding ourselves fully accountable.

We DARE by pushing boundaries and by daring to take a chance. We learn from our experiences and remain inquisitive about what we can do differently. We create new ideas, and push ourselves beyond what we know today towards what we should know tomorrow.

Supporter of your life
A top performance in balance for all stakeholders
Customers & people first
Strengthen & grow the core
Pursue new opportunities for Growth in Health, Protection, Digital platforms & Reinsurance
Partenering with Current & Future winners
Reinforcing Tech & Data capabilities
Local model with Group benefit
Leadership position in Europe & Asia
Sustainability and Long-term thinking at the heart of everything
4 Financial Targets
3 Operational Targets
3 Non-Financial Targets
8 Sustainability Targets
Supporter of your life