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A cohesive, fully integrated plan

The Impact24 plan took its first breath starting with our DNA and what we already do superbly well, coupled with options that provide us with flexibility to invest in future trends. In developing Impact24, we continue to recognise the benefit of a well-diversified and well-balanced portfolio, and the resilience this brings to the Group. And not surprisingly this was at the forefront of our thinking when designing the plan.

Impact24, our new strategy

In 2022 Ageas will kick-off its new 3-year strategic cycle, Impact24. The plan builds on the Group’s current strategy Connect21. Discover the highlights of this new plan, and how it positively impacts our stakeholders in many different ways.

A top performance in balance for all stakeholders, with an increased focus on our societal engagement

Alongside our strategic choices, we have set out a range of targets and a series of KPI’s which provide a richer and more tangible summary of how we are performing and where we need to improve.