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Impact24, our new strategy

At the start of 2022, Ageas kicked off its new 3-year strategic cycle, Impact24. The plan builds on the Group’s current strategy Connect21. Discover the highlights of this new plan, and how it positively impacts our stakeholders in many different ways.

New CDSO office to support & drive the implementation of Impact24


From a plan on paper to a plan of action


A growth strategy for the long run

Impact24 is a long-term sustainable growth strategy. The choices and investments we make are not just for the next three years but for the years that follow on through 2030 and beyond.

Built on solid foundations

Think of Impact24 as a natural evolution from Connect21, our current 3-year strategic plan. Our purpose, our profile and our values are more relevant than ever before. It is the success of choices made in the past that provides us with a strong platform for future growth.

Our values have never been more alive

Our business at its foundation has a set of core aspirational values: Care, Dare, Deliver and Share. They describe the behaviours and principles that represent who we are and how we work. They are already fully embraced by our people and are the drivers of our day-to-day business. They provide IMPACT24 with a solid foundation on which to build upon.

The world in 2021 did not stand still, and we moved with it


Our purpose has never been more relevant

Our plans within Impact24 are inseparably linked with our Group’s purpose to be a supporter of the lives of our stakeholders. This commitment has never had more meaning than today and will act as our compass for the years to come.

Replay the Impact24 sessions!


Customers and People first


Strengthening and growing our Core


What ‘impact’ means to us

As we sat down to develop our new strategy, one question was at the front of our minds: how could we make a positive and lasting impact for all our stakeholders – employees, customers, partners, investors, and society?