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Built on solid foundations

Think of Impact24 as a natural evolution from the previous plan Connect21. Our purpose, our profile and our values are more relevant than ever before. We like consistency. We deliver. We dare. We share. We care. In fact, it is the success of choices made in the past that provides us with an anchor and a strong platform for future growth.

Built on solid foundations

Building on the success of Connect21

We have already shown that we can deliver against our choices, our values, and financial targets. And as we moved into a new 3-year strategic cycle with Impact24, that performance gives us confidence we can go even further, supported by a strong company culture, proven capital and risk management disciplines, a robust balance sheet, a future-oriented management team and highly committed employees.

Getting the balance right

“Impact” is not a change of direction nor is it a desire to do things differently for the sake of. However, we do strive to turn our strategic choices into a new era of growth, and a renewed engagement with all our stakeholders

People get energised by a clear and credible plan but even more so when combined with a hint of growth and ambition that shows we are not standing still. They do not want us to dip into the complete unknown without any experience or understanding of how it compliments what we have and where actions can add most value. That would be a risk too far. Impact24 ticks the boxes of consistency with new moves that show a forward-looking company that is not content to sit back and watch the world pass by, but rather wants to be an active enabler, and socially responsible – made possible thanks to a strong and healthy core business, a disciplined balance sheet, a future oriented management team, and most importantly, more than 40,000 engaged and experienced colleagues around the world.

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas, on Impact24