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Creating impact, through the smallest things

In life, we all have the ability to make an impact. For many, it may be the simple act of making a difference to someone else’s day, for others it may be the profound long-lasting impact you have had on someone’s life.

Creating impact, through the smallest things

Making an impact means showing people you care. You do not need to be loud and excessive to be noticed. You need to see, hear, and act on what is going on around you.  

That smile when you walk past a total stranger that says: “I noticed you”. That voice on the end of phone that says I want to hear what you have to say, I have all the time in the world – you matter. We all remember people like that in our lives, don’t we? Someone made an impact on you because they noticed you were there.

But we also make impact by how we do things. We all remember that special motivating teacher that encouraged us to believe anything was possible, and never gave up. That boss who didn’t just encourage you but went above and beyond to give you a break. That person who left you in awe with their intelligence, their knowledge and energy – stopping you in your tracks and making you think. That person who motivated you to be the best version of yourself. 

We come into this world quietly… with so much hope and promise ahead. None of us know how things will work out. In our hearts we all want to make our own impact on the world in some small way. For some, the ambition is much bigger of course. But for all, we want to know we did what we could to make an impact on the world, by giving back, protecting the world for future generations, whilst embracing life and all that it offers. 

When individuals come together as a team, it is fair to say they can achieve an even greater impact. And when people unite behind a common goal, that impact is multiplied. When companies, governments and society converge, they can literally change history for good. Of course, we won’t all be capable of developing the latest scientific breakthrough. We won’t all be able to write a best seller at first attempt. We won’t all be named captain of the team, or even make the team in the first place. And we won’t all make it into the history books. But we all have the capacity to make an impact in this world by doing the simplest of things. What impact will YOU make on the world today?