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Leveraging the power of technology

A quick and personalised service makes for satisfied customers. But this requires strong technological capabilities. So from modernising our core IT systems, to protecting your data, and connecting with new digital players… there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in IT. Time for a recap!

Leveraging the power of technology

1- Safety first

We established a new 24/7 Security Operations Centre, which is important given the increase seen in cybercrime. 

2- Fit for the future

Our operating companies are ‘replatforming’ their core IT systems to make them fit for purpose in the future. By overhauling the fundamentals, we can better adopt new technologies in the future. The scale and complexity of the recent re-platforming project at AG in Belgium, positioned it as a real pioneer in the world of IT.

3- Creating our place in the digital space

We developed Group API standards and solutions allowing us to connect with the systems of digital partners. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our products and services onto these platforms.

4- Making intelligent use of AI

As Machine Learning, AI and Generative AI are evolving at the speed of light, our newly established centre of excellence in the UK allows us to share AI/ML expertise across the entire Group. Helped by these new technologies, we are able to increase our focus on data analytics. And we are actively applying tools at scale - think of chatbots allowing us to provide 24/7 service for our customers or automatic visual identification for quicker claims processing. 

5- Reaching for the sky

And in line with our Group strategy, many operating companies have adopted Cloud technology. This enables us to do many things in real time and ensures everyone has up-to-date information, always. It improves our agility, enables global accessibility, and bolsters security. And it’s greener: compared to traditional IT, the energy consumption and carbon footprint can be significantly reduced.